Monday, August 29, 2011

My Mentors

Perhaps you've seen the ad below for Apple Computers before. I have seen it several times and each time, it make me think about the people in my own life who have made an impact on my future - my own personal mentors - who may or may not have meant to make an impact on me at the time. I am sure that each of us has been effected greatly by another, just as those in the ad have effected many.

Apple - "Crazies"

My Mentors

Other than my parents, there was Mrs. Sprawls, my elementary teacher who took it upon herself to take me to church on Sunday - even giving me my own bible, which I still have some 60+ years later. There was Everard Jean Hinrichs (the artist Eric Sloane) who taught me that art was all about simplicity. My long-time friend and fellow artist, Sam Yeates, who saved my life a few times with his sanity. The author, James Michener, who "interviewed" me (and convinced me to stop working for the man and make something of myself) as we sat together at a private performance of Willie Nelson. I owe a great deal to Bruce Cameron, another writer (Eight Simple Rules) for instilling in me the desire to become more prolific in my writing. My friend, the acerbic Kinky Friedman taught me about doing my own thing and not caring that others may think me crazy and by all means to have fun in life. And most important of my mentors is my best friend and partner for the past seven years, Barbara, who shown me what acceptance is.

If you could make your own advertisement for your life, who would you choose to include? Perhaps more importantly - why would you include them?